Daily Archives: March 12, 2012

Sick Day

Oh, we had a wonderful weekend in Hong Kong.

And I was so looking forward to posting about all the adventures (and I will, I promise): Lantau Island and the Giant Budhha, my husband having a suit made in less than 72 hours at the famous Simpson Sin Tailors, a fabulous plate of fish and chips, a lovely cup of tea, and a foray into California wines at a wine bar on the fashionable Wyndham Street.  

The presentation went great, too, and I learned so much.  Can’t wait to apply all the scintillating conversations to the real practice of fieldwork.

And then towards the end of our fancy-shmancy dinner on Saturday night came the first chest-shuddering sneeze.

Oh no!  I was coming down with something.  And soon the seemingly invincible husband followed suit.  On our last day in Hong Kong, we could do little more than traipse downtown for lunch, stop in and pick up the suit, and then in rain, no less, drag ourselves to the airport.

So today, we both took a sick day.

Not exactly prime blogging material: sitting around drinking mugs of hot liquids, while holed up on the couch watching America’s Next Top Model reruns.  But I guess the Hong Kong recap will have to wait.

What are you favorite sick day activities?  And how do you stop yourself from thinking about what you should be doing?  I’m never been very good at being under the weather.