Daily Archives: March 24, 2012

Happy Weekending.

Lion Hill Park in the spring (Nanning). All photos by Evan Schneider.

It is a gorgeous, brisk sunny morning here in South China.

Because the cool winds had powered back into our region these past few days, my husband I decided to make the most of the chilly weather and slurp down some delicious hot pot last night.

Today, it’s all about foster visits, wherein I’m challenged to get wiggly little girls to practice some English, share with me their fears and hopes about being adopted, and somehow encourage the older ladies who take care of them.

I’ve been having crazy dreams lately, the other night my family came to China and we took a boat down the Yong River into the wee hours of the morning, and last night I lay awake planning lectures for future courses in my head–I’m just that dorky.  Speaking of dorky, look who Obama’s put in charge of the World Bank: Jim Yong Kim is the creator of Partners in Health, a physician, AND an anthropologist!

On Halong Bay, Vietnam, last summer.

On the docket for this weekend: my husband’s planning to go down to the riverbanks and take some photos of Nanning (I’ll try to share some later).  Speaking of picturesque sites, we were both enthralled with this article, which brought back great memories of our Southeast Asia trip last summer.  We’re so excited to head back to Vietnam with friends in May, but are scheming for how we can fit in another trip to Laos somewhere in the near future!

I’m looking forward to church and a Sabbath, been reflecting on and touched by these words from one of my favorite blogs, Be confident because you are A Child of God. Be humble because everyone else is, too.”  

I’ve been more diligent about working out this week (yesterday I even added these to my workout!), so I may treat myself to a cheap, luxurious foot massage for my aching muscles!

What about you?  What are you up to?  Hope it’s a great weekend.