Daily Archives: March 17, 2012

Happy Weekending.

For the first time in a long time our cupboards are chocked full and bursting with items we imported ourselves from our recent trips to Egypt, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong.  We’ve got basmati rice, risotto, and bags of good coffee–all hard to come by on the mainland.  It’s opens a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to (comfort) cuisine!

Making risotto.

My husband has been whipping up homemade pizza sauce and calzones and fabulous thyme chicken and risotto.  This week has also been relatively light on the research front, so I’ve been exploring new language-learning strategies, getting out and running despite the dreary weather, and exploring new banana bread recipes (of the crockpot persuasion of course!).

It’s funny because I always used to chide people who drink decaf coffee that it’s not the real stuff, but lately my favorite activity involves a cup of Starbucks Decaf Komodo Dragon Blend and reading David Brooks’ The Social Animal.

One of my favorite breakfasts in Egypt.

The book is thrilling and fascinating, with so many intriguing overlaps and insights into my research, too.  Reading the Happiness Blog recently, I also got interested in this book on willpowerlately the brain is totally fascinating me, perhaps I was a psychologist or a neuroscientist in another life!

Since this weekend will be a working one, I’m enjoying some blogs, coffee, and blueberry pancakes this Saturday morning.  I only just noticed it’s Saint Patrick’s Day (not too popular in China!).

What are your plans?

I would make these lime bars if I had an oven…you can let me know how they turn out.  Despite the weather here, I’m inspired by Jen and her friends’ health challenge, thinking of asking some of my friends abroad to join in on one with me.  We had delicious Korean barbecue last night; if you’ve never been, I totally recommend it!

Hope your weekend’s a great one,