Daily Archives: March 31, 2012

Happy Weekending.

It’s the weekend, baby!  What are you up to?

My husband and I hosted a dinner party for two other Western couples last night, and I think it reminded us both how much cooking and hosting brings us joy.  We grilled chicken legs and Korean ribs, and feasted on potato and cucumber salad, brownies, and my dark chocolate cake.  We talked about culture, siblings, and played the award-winning game, Dixit.

Children playing by a recently adorned grave around Qingming jie. Photo from TIC blog.

I got home late Thursday night from a quick trip to the countryside to visit foster families.  This coming week is Qingming jie or the tomb-sweeping festival in China when people all over the country will return home to honor the dead.  However, the Zhuang people often do tomb-sweeping a bit earlier, so it was interesting to drive through Guangxi and see the graves adorned with mounds of perfectly formed dirt and white cloths waving in the wind.

My friend and I talked in the car about the various customs and traditions we have when someone dies.  When we entered the little village where families are fostering, a person had passed away and everyone was sitting out and eating in the streets, and as we walked by they slaughtered ducks and laid them out to bleed so everyone could take one home.

Banana trees in Yunnan. Photo by Evan Schneider.

This weekend my husband has make-up class because of days off for the festival next week, and with all my foster kids in school, I’m left with a lovely Saturday morning to myself.  I picked up a bushel of bananas by the side of the road on the way back from the countryside on Thursday, so I may make banana bread in the crockpot today.

Right now I’m enjoying the NYTimes online, the lovely weather out on the balcony, and the prospect of skying with some friends around lunchtime.  My husband and I are still trying to decide whether we want to take a little getaway next week during the holiday to Hainan, to the beach, or somewhere else?  Any China folks got any two-four day get-out-of-town suggestions?  Or maybe we’ll just enjoy the scenery here in Nanning and the lovely weather that’s finally rolled in.

House boats along the Yong River, Nanning. Photo by Evan Schneider.

What are you up to this weekend?