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Weekender in Kunming

The title of the post is not completely accurate.

Strolling down pedestrian street in pleasant Kunming weather.

My husband has the lovely schedule of teaching just Monday through Wednesday this term, which means we were able to fly away for just a few days to Kunming this past week to see some dear friends before we leave China at the end of July.

Water lilies nearly in bloom on Kunming’s Green Lake.

The weather in Kunming makes us Nanning-dwellers decidedly jealous.

Temple en route to West Mountain.

Caitlin and I trying to translate the names of the deities.

We enjoyed the brief respite from our balmy climate, the hiking, the Western food, the city in bloom.

But it did rain, a frightful downpour, that actually made West Mountain, and its roaming temples wonderfully ominous.

We made the best of it, of course, despite the loud claps of thunder and blasts of lightning that came too close for comfort!

Down the mountain we came, to dry off, and enjoy the rest that Kunming had to offer.

But I daresay the blog may be a bit blank for awhile.

Tonight I pick up my family from the airport in Nanning…and China awaits them.

Photos by Evan Schneider.

Where did May go?

Yes, I know it’s already the fourth of June, but I’m stunned.

May seemed to just fly by…what do you think?

For me, May highlights included:

A view of the countryside in South China.
Evan and I on Halong Bay.
A photo of me and my grandparents from spring 2008.
  • A myriad of foster visits
  • Perhaps my last trip to the countryside to see the disabled kids who are thriving there in foster care
  • A visit from dear friends and a jaunt back to Hanoi and Halong Bay, Vietnam
  • The passing of my lovely Grandfather
  • My twin sister’s seminary graduation (it really feels like just yesterday she started her classes at Denver Seminary.  Congratulations, Julie!  Now both twins graduated from seminary: praise God!)
  • Our fourth-wedding anniversary
  • Experiencing God’s blessings, grace, and joy!
Photo from my seminary graduation in 2008….
…and the twin’s this May. See the resemblance??

And looking forward to in June: