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Guangxi Travelogue: Guilin and Ping’ an

My family walking alongside the Li River in Guilin.

Well, that China Bucket List of mine is getting shorter and shorter.

Not only did my Dad and my sisters make it to China, but we took a train ride back to the lovely city of Guilin…

My sisters and I on the train to Guilin.

where we climbed the sun and moon pagodas…

…and Diecai peak, from which we admired the karst formations cutting through the modern cityscape.

But then it was onto the rice terraces, where we stayed in the picturesque Zhuang town of Ping’ an…

The Dragon Back Rice Terraces.

…and hiked with our new friend, a Yao woman, named Xiao Pan…

Our guide, Xiao Pan.
You can see our destination at the top of this photo.

…to her village, Zhongliu.

The Yao village of (Guangxi) Zhongliu.

We lunched in Zhongliu on potatoes, green beans, and pork, and the walked back to Ping’ an, a journey that takes Xiao Pan one hour, but took us over two. ¬†We certainly stopped to take in the beautiful views, though, along the way.

The rice terraces were a wonderful adventure, one I’m rather disappointed I waited so long to take on, but also one I’m also glad to have enjoyed with my family while they were in China.

My husband and I amidst the rice terraces.

Photos by Evan Schneider.

Weekender in Kunming

The title of the post is not completely accurate.

Strolling down pedestrian street in pleasant Kunming weather.

My husband has the lovely schedule of teaching just Monday through Wednesday this term, which means we were able to fly away for just a few days to Kunming this past week to see some dear friends before we leave China at the end of July.

Water lilies nearly in bloom on Kunming’s Green Lake.

The weather in Kunming makes us Nanning-dwellers decidedly jealous.

Temple en route to West Mountain.

Caitlin and I trying to translate the names of the deities.

We enjoyed the brief respite from our balmy climate, the hiking, the Western food, the city in bloom.

But it did rain, a frightful downpour, that actually made West Mountain, and its roaming temples wonderfully ominous.

We made the best of it, of course, despite the loud claps of thunder and blasts of lightning that came too close for comfort!

Down the mountain we came, to dry off, and enjoy the rest that Kunming had to offer.

But I daresay the blog may be a bit blank for awhile.

Tonight I pick up my family from the airport in Nanning…and China awaits them.

Photos by Evan Schneider.