To anyone who’s mourning summer…

Summer is almost over and I keep wondering if it’s possible to stretch it out somehow.  I have felt a bit like, especially between moving and teaching and all those damn doctor’s appointments, summer has somewhat passed me by.

And yet, the last few weeks, I feel like I’ve been able to live into the summer a bit more by cultivating what I might call “a vacation state of mind.”

What is a vacation state of mind, you ask?

Well, it’s a mentality that yields to the rhythm of summer strokes, that relishes the sacred pause, and thrusts the busy life a swift kick in the pants!

In the past few weeks or so, I’ve seen my productivity soar in fewer work hours, more coffees, and more listening, and I’m starting to trust that we’re not meant to put our heads down in the sand and hustle, but lean in (yes, I’m stealing and repurposing this stupid metaphor) wholeheartedly to the people and the conversations that God places in our paths.

I know this sounds idealistic, but I am heading out of summer with the spiritual practice of cultivating a vacation state of mind this fall.  I’m going to find time for the good stuff in life and expect the grunt work to feel lighter and to fall (hehe) into place.  I’m going to look around and appreciate and trust all that God is doing now rather than scrambling to prepare for a future that has nothing to do with present gifts.  I am going to be the vacation version of me, because life is too short for any other mentality.

So, I dare you, if you cross my path this fall: please, invite me for that cup of coffee, and I pray that I’ll have the wisdom to say yes!

Because really, what says vacation state of mind more than this?!  My photo.

5 thoughts on “To anyone who’s mourning summer…

  1. What a beautiful picture of pure contentment! If that doesn’t say summer vacation nothing does. Thanks for all you share. Our beautiful little granddaughter Madison ( Sara’s little girl) is special needs and so much of what you write so beautifully strikes a familiar chord. God Bless you and your whole family and thanks for your thought provoking words.

    An old friend from Wisconsin,
    Dennis Hockerman

    1. Dennis, it’s so nice to hear from you and I love following Sarah and Madison on Facebook! God bless you, too, and thanks for your kind words! Much love to you and your family.

      1. Sorry for misspelling Sara there– you can tell Sara, by the way, that I always admired her growing up and I continue to do so to this day!!

  2. How interesting. I knew your dad in HS and know your mom because of FB…was in Princeton this summer and was sooo tempted to invite you to coffee. Or ice cream. Take good care of yourself. My summer is over with my first class of sophomores tomorrow (8/30). Sigh.

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