Daily Archives: June 18, 2016

Ten links for your weekend

Summer in NJ is really beautiful.  Photo by Evan Schneider.

We’re off to another apartment this weekend, and so far, the subletting has been really great–a great, great reminder that as Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits writes, “All You Need, You Already Have.”

Here are some other great random tidbits for your weekend:

Is Sichuan cuisine losing its spice?

All things feminist, internet, and fun. (From my favorite blog, A Cup of Jo)

This is an older article, but still relevant I think.  Do you practice slow parenting?

I don’t know if this is reliable, but supposedly you can plug any month of the year or any place you want to go into this search engine and figure out the best time to travel.  One of my friends is in Santorini right now and according to the engine, she’s got it right!  What city are you headed to in June?

The disturbing therapy gap when it comes to race in America.

Do you keep lists of baby names for future babies?  My sister just found out she’s having a boy, and so far there’s not much new on the most popular baby names of 2016 (Olivia for girls) (Ezra for boys), but I love to keep tabs on what’s trending.  What do you like?

Deeply moved by this prophetic (Presbyterian!) voice in Congress.

I appreciated the honesty here.

Our pastor has a podcast!  This week’s episode is a little long but covers a great range of topics (and they have lovely voices).

Happy weekending!