The morning: my sacred space

The other day I read a post from one of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits, entitled, “Creating a Lovely Morning.”  In it, Leo Babauta talks about how he combines just a few tasks, something to look forward to, and mindfulness to create a lovely morning.

If you read my blog with any frequency, you’ll know that I’m a self-proclaimed morning person, like Babauta, and that I get such an inordinate pleasure out of greeting the day that I relish knowing I have the whole morning in front of me at five or five thirty am.  Mornings have all the joy of possibility, confirmed by the beauty of morning light, the emptiness of the world, and the solace of the silence when the world has yet to wake.

Simply put, mornings are my sacred space.

Coming off of a relaxing vacation, however, I’ve been sort of lacking the energy to jump into action in the am.  So, following Babauta’s lead, I’ve put some thought into what my lovely morning might entail in an effort to to reframe those early hours.


Rise and watch the sun rise with a tall glass of water, some music, and my latest devotional read, Ellen F. Davis’ Getting Involved with God.


Brew a mug of decaf espresso and begin writing my introduction to my dissertation (this is the project I’m currently putting off because it scares me, but in my ideal morning, I tackle it head on!).


Take a break to peruse websites, blog, or pray.  Make a nice plate of scrambled eggs and grab a second mug of coffee.


Wake up my daughter and feed her out on the porch in the open air!


Take a long walk with my little girl, in which we get to see turtles, lots of birds, deer, and a great blue heron on the D& R Canal (even in my dreams, I’m greedy about my nature!).


Visit with a friend on the porch while my daughter naps (it’s my lovely morning, so in it, the little girl naps!).

Are you a morning person? If not, when’s your sacred time and what would your lovely morning/afternoon/evening look like?






6 thoughts on “The morning: my sacred space

  1. Hey Erin – thanks for reintroducing me to this blog – I used to read it but for whatever reason fell off the wagon. I went back and resubscribed and in the process found this great community called Sea Change for people trying to change their habits purposefully. Are you on there too? If so, friend me! I’m life_iloveyou. 🙂

    *—————————————————————Sarah DoerrerEd.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice (Loyola Marymount University – anticipated 2016)*

    *MA in Law & Diplomacy: Human Security focus (Fletcher School, Tufts University – 2012)Ed.M. International Education Policy (Harvard Graduate School of Education – 2012) 301-814-0682 —– – *

    1. Hey Sarah, I’m not on Sea Change, but it definitely sounds worthwhile. Thanks for your comment, and glad you’re enjoying Zen Habits. I love it’s simplicity and practicality, too!

  2. This is amazing, Erin! I’ve been kind of obsessed with the Enneagram the last few months myself (I’m a 7 and Jess is a 2). I love the insights it’s given me about levels of development, why I’m drawn to certain people, etc. Thanks for sharing all these resources.

    1. I didn’t realize you were a 7 Sarah but that totally makes sense! I can really see your sense of adventure and love that about you. I’m jealous because my twin doesn’t seem very interested…maybe that means she’s a 5?! (;

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