Sandy update

It’s been radio dark on the blog, and a bit like that in real life, but all things considered, we’re doing just fine over here in Princeton.

Since I spent most of the storm week in Tucson, stranded there because flights weren’t going into East Coast airports, I certainly can’t complain.

The lovely view of the Catalina Mountains from my parents’ backyard in Tucson, Arizona.

And despite the huge trees that came crashing down on our street, tearing the power lines and poles with them, and keeping us without power for nearly a week (check out these photos on my friend’s blog), Sandy proved to be only a minor inconvenience for us, and we know it’s going to be a long haul and heartbreaker for many.

And because we were mostly dry and not too cold throughout, our perspectives over here in seminary housing were altered in some surprising ways.  My husband made a slew of new friends as residents clustered in the lounges that had generator power, making meals together and playing games.  With nothing else to do in the evenings, Evan and I would curl up on the couch and have heart-to-hearts about our days.  And people in little Princeton seemed generally concerned about one another, going out of their way to ask for what they might be able to do to help.

Many are still without power and homes on the East Coast this evening, and there’s another storm brewing.  If you’re a praying person, pray for those who have been hit hardest by the storm.  And if you’re looking for some perspective, consider the goodness that’s in all of us, and why we don’t show it all the time.

I’m thankful for neighbors, shelter, and connection this week.


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