Odds and Ends

This weekend was a lesson in contrasts: on Saturday morning I visited a very naughty, angry little girl in foster care, but on Sunday afternoon I sat with another foster girl and her older sister, completely content to practice their English with me and on their very best behavior for their foreign aunty.  While I was rushing around Nanning, the poor husband was stricken in bed with a pounding headache (we still haven’t determined the cause), and so I took to caring for him in the only way I knew how: feeding…hehe.

Photo from justjennrecipes.com

We found mascarpone cheese at the Western store, so I plopped the other half of lemon yogurt cake batter I’d frozen from the last one into the crockpot, and whipped up a lemon mascarpone frosting to go with it.  The frosting is light and fluffy and tangy, subtle and sophisticated, yum.

Last night I stopped by the hand-torn chicken stand that’s been gracing the alleyway down from us and watched as they literally tore the chicken, chopped up the bones, and mixed the whole lot with spicy oil, peanuts, chives, and sesame seeds.  Then I headed home, and impressed myself by turning out some simple greens and stir-fried eggplant with rice to go along with our Chinese chicken dinner.

I know I’ve complained about certain stinky smells in China before, but this morning I kept getting whiffs of magnolia and jasmine on my morning run.  Lately I’ve been lusting these sweet smelling house plants, along with these mosquito-repelling ones!

In my recipes I’d like to try when I get back to China folder are these chocolate-apricot nut bars and this smoked sardine brandade, both from my latest imported issue of Whole Living.  I just love their natural, tasty recipes, and thanks to China, I’ve developed a taste for sardines!

I’m feeling pretty cheery this Monday–apparently there’s nothing like a brisk run and a productive morning to start the week out right.  

How was your weekend?  Happy Monday!

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