Daily Archives: April 24, 2012

A Good Day

I remember writing a post several years ago about what I would miss about Princeton someday.  

Getting ready for a swim at twilight in the Yong River, Nanning.

And here I sit from my sixth floor perch in the middle of a bustling city of five million, writing a similar one about China.  But I’m not going to write it all out just yet, I’ll leave that for the months ahead.

However, I may not be the most trustworthy narrator.  You see, I realized that on what some might call an unbearably hot day here in South China, all I could see was the way the light cut through the trees and onto the sidewalk in a lovely way, the babies squinting at me at the bus stop, and the bounty of pineapples and bananas lined up on carts on the corner.  

Prayer wheels along the side of the road.

I genuinely enjoyed my walks through the market today, and the casual interaction with vendors so absent in so many places in this busy world.  And as I felt the familiar sensation of sweat trickling down my back that comes with this time of year, I swear I smiled.  I knew after living here long enough that sooner or later a breeze would come by to relieve the heat of the sun, and that these days won’t last forever.

Grandma walks her little student home from school. All photos by Evan Schneider.

So today I’m thankful for beauty in everyday places, for my life in China, and for this amazing everyday adventure.

What about you?

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