Happy Weekending.

This Saturday morning brought rainstorms to our parts, and it was cheery and lovely sitting by the window, enjoying coffee, and reading as the rain came down.

I’m leaving on a jet plane Sunday morning to visit foster care projects in some other provinces, so after a quick trip to the market, I got to packing the essentials: Starbucks instant coffee, granola bars, plenty of walnuts and raisins for snacking, hand sanitizer, meds, and tissues.  You never know what China will throw at you, and I like to be prepared!

I picked up some imported beer to go with my husband’s chicken tacos tonight.  He’s in love with a hand-powered “food processor” we picked up for under $15 US from the local Walmart.  Makes his culinary adventures less time-consuming, for sure.  Ah, life’s simple pleasures!

We watched Moneyball the other night, and I wondered why I’d waited so long.  At one point in my childhood, I was so obsessed with baseball that I used to take baths just so I could listen to the games on the radio.  Naturally, I’ve always loved baseball movies, and this one was good, too.  Hoping I can convince the husband to watch Midnight in Paris with me tonight.

What are you up to this weekend?  Catching up on movies you missed at the box office?  I’ll be traveling for the next two weeks or so, the first without the computer, so blogging will be a bit spare.  Hope you find time to take a nice spring break yourself, and ‘see you’ when I get back!



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