Playing tourists in Nanning

The whole adage about putting things in writing or sharing your goals with others (and/or the universe) making it easier to accomplish them is apparently wonderfully true (so thanks, readers!).  Just a week ago I issued my China Bucket list, and we’ve already struck one (albeit) small, local item off the list: Visit Nanning’s Green Mountain Park.

Because of the Qingming holiday, the park was relatively empty, and the weather was perfect.  Unfortunately that made we, who were only playing tourists for the day, one of the main attractions, as people excitedly pointed and yelled, “foreigner,” as we walked by.  Oh well, their curiosity comes with the territory.

I think my husband’s fabulous photos certainly do the park, and the views from it, justice.  The highlight, by far, was the 360-view from the pagoda, of the Yong River winding its way through Nanning.  From the top we could see new stadiums and buildings being constructed on one side of the river, and old, traditional brick homes on the other, as well as the skyscrapers of Nanning proper in the distance.  Quite the view!

2 thoughts on “Playing tourists in Nanning

    1. Ha! I would say as a cautionary word, that Nanning is just another Chinese city, but it really is quite green and lush, and the weather in October is always lovely. It’s a great springboard to Vietnam- you can get your visa here in four days and catch the overnight train.

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