Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

Spring fever

I think I must have spring fever, but not the kind that makes you long for warm winds and buds a bloomin,’ but rather the type that’s seeing the beauty of the world through rosy-colored glasses these days and drinking it all in.

I think God deserves some credit though, usually does, right?  

You see just a couple weeks ago when I had some wavering confidence in my language abilities, when I couldn’t seem to put thoughts into words, I thought the situation was hopeless.  Lately, however, it seems like my mind has become a sponge, soaking up new words, concepts, and patterns.  I feel rejuvenated in this whole language-learning process, and the woman who wrote that article about me did me a solid in even making me sound articulate!

As I get older, I feel less wise, more subject to my own fossilized patterns of doubt and weakness, but also more willing to throw them to the wind and rest on God.  Yesterday afternoon I ran twice as far as I ever had around Nanhu Lake, and I felt on top of the world.  I returned home to my husband in the kitchen, whipping up scallion pancakes, cucumber salad, pork and eggplant, broccoli, and kumquat tea–determined to make the most of this opportunity to cook Chinese with abundant ingredients!

I was reading last night about willpower and how we actually have more than we tend to believe, but we beat ourselves up about our failures, forgetting to forgive first, so we can move on.

Around South lake, Nanning. Photo by Evan Schneider.

Easter is just around the corner, spring has sprung, and rebirth is the name of the game.  Catch the fever and embrace today, challenge yourself, appreciate the world around you, and give God a chance to make good on God’s promises.