72 Hours in Hong Kong

The weather was almost as miserable as spring on the mainland, but let me tell you, we made the best of it!  Hong Kong will forever be one of our favorite cities to get away to, and here’s a few suggestions for how to spend 72 hours there if you get the chance.

FRIDAY, 10 am

Enjoy the view from the territories

We kicked off the weekend with my presentation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  I had been bragging to my husband about the great photo ops from the campus of the bay, but with drizzly weather comes rather impenetrable fog.  Fortunately he did get a few shots off, as well as a few during my presentation on my initial findings from my research in southwest China on foster families.

View from the Guesthouse at Chinese University of Hong Kong (New Territories).
Presenting my research during their Friday seminar series.

Get a suit made in less than 72 hours

After some lunch with students and professors on the campus, we headed downtown to the famous Simpson Sin Tailors where my husband got himself all measured up for a two-piece suit.  He settled on a grey, two-button, and they set about measuring his skinny frame and scheduling us for a first fitting the next day around noon.

Grab a pint and a good plate of fish and chips

Corner of Queens and D’Aguilar Street, Central District, Hong Kong.

We did some window-shopping on our way toward Central, finally settling on The Pickled Pelican where we drank tall happy-hour priced pints and feasted on fish and chips.  I’d read about their fish and chips on one of my favorite Hong Kong blogs, Sassy Hong Kong, and they certainly were good.  My only suggestion would be to split the huge plate, unless you’re really hungry because we were stuffed!  The vibe in pub was great, and some Irish guy stopped by our table to ask how the fish and chips tasted, because in his words, “it looks lovely.”  I got a kick out of that!

End the evening with some fine wine

California Vintage Wine Bar

We then made our way up Wyndham Street to California Vintage Wine Bar, snagged a table on the street, and were greeted by the owner Susan.  When we admitted we were totally unfamiliar with CA wines, she brought out one of her favorite pinot noirs.  The bottle was a bit acidic for our tastes, but the rustic, yet classy atmosphere, and friendly staff made the evening a real treat.


Late Morning Coffee

On our way back to the tailor’s the next morning, we stopped in at agnes b. cafe for a quiet cup of tea, muffin, mug of coffee, and a little truffle, of course!  The free-standing cafe in central is lovely, with tiled floors, marble tables, a tufted soft bench, and they serve illy coffee and fabulous teas.  My husband had the americano and a truffle and I got their Casablanca tea (mint and bergamot) with a muffin.  The weather was a bit dreary outside, but inside, it was quite cozy!

Gourmet Burger Union

We’d stumbled upon one of these the night before and resolved to go back for lunch- we were dying for a good burger (can’t get that in Nanning!)  Things were quite dead after another crazy Friday night, but they loaded up some burgers and cheese fries for us.  The toppings were actually more impressive than the burgers themselves: you can build your own or opt for one of their specials.

Lantau Island and the Giant Buddha

We were disappointed to find that the cable car leading up to the peak on Lantau Island was under repairs, so we took a steep bus ride up and down the picturesque hills and along the beaches, until we reached the giant buddha.  We climbed up and took in the lovely, albeit slightly foggy, view.  And it was cold!

The view from atop the Buddha.
My husband and I braving the chilly weather!

Eat a Fancy, Schmancy Dinner on Saturday Night

My husband, who is a big foodie, had made reservations to do the tasting menu at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon on Saturday night, and it was a very lovely, memorable meal.  Our favorite course was the asparagus veloute (a creamy soup) with chicken oysters and crispy garlic, but the beef cheeks and scallops were good, too.  The restaurant is supposedly among one of the fifty best in the world, and we certainly enjoyed it!

SUNDAY, 11:45 am

Main Street Deli Lunch

My husband adoring his spectacular sandwich!

We stepped in and felt like we were just off the streets of New York with the checkered floors, pickles, and extensive deli menu.  My husband had a love affair with his reuben.  The sandwiches were huge, and so was the bill, but I’d recommend it overall- quite tasty!

Pick up the suit, head back to the mainland

I will have to take some photos of my man in this suit, because it turned out quite well, and we picked it up at 1pm, just in time to get to the airport, and head back to our normal lives on the mainland.

Hope you enjoyed our highlights from our weekend in Hong Kong!  Feel free to contact me for any details, and photo credits (except for the California Vintage photo, which is from their website) all go to my husband, Evan Schneider.

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