Happy Weekending.

My husband and I started the weekend early, heading out for a Friday afternoon adventure.

I’m having to work most weekends now, because a bunch of my foster families have older kids who are in school during the week, so Friday is the new Saturday for us.

Can’t say our adventure was quite the success we imagined it to be.  Actually the kitchen supply store that I’d glimpsed waiting for the bus the other week turned out to be the highlight, just wished we’d found it earlier: they had cheap French presses, wine glasses, and pots and pans that made my chef-husband drool a little.

I’d seen this photo online of the cherry blossoms at the Shimen Forest park, and we really wanted to glimpse some beauty in the midst of this dreary weather.

But even on a terribly cold, rainy day there were tons of Chinese people swarming the little grove of trees, and it just wasn’t nearly as impressive as this photo.  So we headed for the hills and ended up hiking down in the mud to shortcut our way over to the MIngge Lake area, where we looked for a Starbucks rumored to be coming to Nanning.

But a Starbucks in these parts?  Alas, we should have known better!  It was not to be found.

And so we dredged our soaked selves to McDonald’s for some consolation– fries and cokes, and headed home to whip up some tostadas with makeshift ingredients, only to find at around 9:30 pm that a pipe under our bathroom sink had broken and was spewing water about the place.

Oh, China.

So this morning I’m going to make blueberry pancakes with my favorite pancake recipe, and this weekend, meet a friend for coffee, get that pipe fixed, enjoy the internet, browsing over blogs, and perhaps treat ourselves to dinner.

I finished the Happiness Project this morning, and I have that withdrawl you have after devouring a book.  Check out my review or my post, and send me some reading suggestions!

Here’s a romantic idea for a dinner date.

What are you doing this weekend?  Stay dry (which is proving rather difficult for us now both inside and out)!  I’ll be doing my rain dance and hoping for sunnier skies.

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