Perfect Valentine’s Day Menu

1.  Sleep Way in…perhaps due to your jet lag, or just plain indulgence.

2.  Whisper “Happy Valentine’s Day: to your favorite someone in the early afternoon, get up, enjoy several cups of coffee, a little transcribing of fieldnotes on your own, and when he wakes up…

3.  Beg him to make the perfect mid-afternoon lunch: bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, of course!

4.  Craft Valentine’s Day dinner menu together snuggled on the couch.

5.  Go your separate ways, me to the grocery store for none other than bars of dark chocolate, butter, sugar, and wine (really, is there any better shopping list ever penned?!), and he to the market for chicken, lemons, peas, mushrooms, and bok choy.

6.  Turn on some music and whip up your favorite dark chocolate cake.

7.  Be surprised by roses in the living room when he arrives a bit later!

8.  Sneak in some more work, while he sets the homemade mushroom-leek broth on the stove to stew and marinates the chicken.

9.  Open the bottle of wine, throw on the risotto, stir frequently, and wait.

10.  Savor lemon-herbed chicken, mushroom-pea-parmesan risotto, and bok choy, with white wine for dinner.

11.  And dark chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream icing for dessert.

12.  Valentine’s Day never looked better!


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