Daily Archives: February 12, 2012

And we’re back…just like that.

It’s a confounding thing, air travel–you leave Abu Dhabi at the stroke of midnight, find yourself on a skype call with your father-in-law in the wee hours of the morning from the Qatar airport, thanks to exit row seats catch a generous amount of shut-eye on your international flight, and really, in the blink of an eye, find yourself back in Asia proper (East Asia to us, of course).

Sounds effortless, but we’re both still reeling from the jet lag over here, sleeping until 2:30 pm, drinking in the copious amounts of coffee which we imported in our crowded suitcases, watching episodes of LOST, and wondering when our eating cycles will be back to normal.

The lot of us in the sun at Miramar, Al Aqah in Fujairah, UAE.

But I can’t complain. ¬†Because we saw the pyramids in Egypt, we ate some great food with great friends, we dipped our toes in the Gulf of Oman, and got good and sunburned in Fujairah.

What a wondrous thing it is to travel the world, and have a few days here or there to recover from it!

And on the recovery side, here are a few things I’m reading and enjoying, and sharing with you all, too, in the lag time that it takes to post some really great photos from our adventures:

This exquisitely written article about when and if revolution will ever come to China.

This moving post about life and death, spirituality, and religion.

 And this whimsical TED talk from Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity.

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