Daily Archives: January 31, 2012

Kushari, Fool, and Tameya, Oh my!

Yes, I’m back on food again.

Street food to be exact, and when one gets one’s fill of rice noodles in southern China (and trust me that happens pretty quickly) it’s really welcome and revelatory to be inducted into a whole new slew of gritty, tasty (mostly) hand-held snacks.

We grabbed some fool and tameya on our first morning out in Cairo.

Fool’s kind of like a Middle Eastern bean burrito, and tameya is Egypt’s version of falafel made with broad beans instead of chickpeas.  I mentioned the wonder of watching a guy on the street craft the little balls with lightning speed, dipping his fingers into the mint-colored paste (although the color comes from corriander rather than mint) and plopping them into the fryer.

Well that, my friends, is the birth of crispy, fried-to-perfection tameya.

Apparently another favorite here is none other than the pita french fry sandwich.  Sounds ridiculous, but pretty darn good.

And last but not least, we chowed down on heaping bowls of kushari, the lentil-noodle-chick pea-rice mix topped with tomato sauce, fried onions, and lemon garlic sauce.

Again, sounds like an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink disaster, but it’s some of the heartiest, most satisfying, cheap comfort food you’ll find in these parts.

Oh, how I love eating my way through cities…