Favorite Posts in 2011

I had a couple thoughts as I scrolled through my blog posts from this past year.

One was that this year has been an exciting one filled with new experiences (Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Canada, hosting friends and family from the states, trips with PFF to Yunnan, the American Anthropological Association conference, new forays in research…), and the other is that I don’t blog nearly as frequently as I feel like I do.  But that can always be fixed in 2012, right?!

While these aren’t necessarily the most popular posts, they’re my favorites, and I find that they nicely summarize the topics this blog revolves around, namely culture, spirituality, travel, and faith.  I hope if you’ve just started reading you might find something new here that sparks your interest.  Or if you’ve been reading for awhile, thanks for permitting my navel-gazing jot down memory lane!

  • February: Journey to the Philippines–A few photos from our spring trip to the island nation of the Philippines, complete with white sand beaches, and palm trees!
  • March: Trains, Migration, and China–Inspired by the documentary, The Last Train Home, this post discusses the world’s greatest yearly migration, when China’s migrant workers return home to the countryside to spend the Spring Festival, this upcoming year in late January, with their families.
  • April: Preconceptions and Possibility–A reflection on the April trip my husband and I took to Yunnan with PFF and the patient faith of minority Christians there that may challenge preconceptions about what it means to be the church in China.
  • May: Imitating Christ’s Humility–A bit of a rant on the misuse of the phrase, “like-minded” in the Christian community, this post tries to unpack the deeper meaning of the surrounding verses, urging us all toward imitating Christ’s humility.
  • June: Nanning–>Hanoi (First two days)–I track the first leg of our Southeast Asian tour to Vietnam and Laos, with our great friends, Andrew, Emily, and Ben.
  • August: Faith and Fieldwork–Some more thoughts on how I experience my bi-vocational call to ministry and anthropology.
  • September: Living the Challenge–Drawing on faith to reformulate fear, anxiety, and self-doubt in the face of challenge toward something more like gratitude, grace, and rejuvenation.
  • October: Recipe for Success–My tricks to beating stress and procrastination!
  • November: A Weekend in Guilin (Part 2)–The second part of our weekend in Guilin with visitors from the states.  It was a great trip, and I highly recommend the city as a must-see China destination!
  • December: Mary’s Song: Advent Expectations–Reflecting on Mary’s words and preparing for Jesus.

And there you have it…2011 in a nutshell.

Happy 2011. --Erin

What were your favorite moments from this year?  And how are you preparing for the next?

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