Peppermint Bark: so easy!

I’ve really never been much of a homemaker, but I think there’s some sort of challenge in it for me now that we live in China.  When China suggests that it can’t be done (baking without an oven, pumpkin-inspired treats, Christmas trees), I want to say YES, it can!

And so when I discovered earlier this week that peppermint bark involves merely melting some chocolate, crushing candy canes, and cooling in a refrigerator, I had only one obstacle in my way: baking chocolate.  (Thanks to a recent trip back to the states and a rough transit, I already had a bunch of crushed candy canes on my hands!)

But, when I stumbled upon white chocolate at the baking store yesterday, some full-fledged holiday merry-making, double boiler tinkering, and peppermint goodness ensued!  (Note: I gave up on trying to find peppermint abstract in China, but you don’t need it…)

I followed this website for tips on how to make your own double boiler, and stuck to white chocolate.  I enlisted my husband to ensure that my clumsiness didn’t spoil the pot, so to speak.

But it was so easy!

Just crush candy canes thoroughly.

Boil chocolate…

being careful to stir continuously.

Spread onto wax paper and sprinkle liberally with candy canes, and freeze for 30 minutes or so.

And maybe use the leftover chocolate on the spoon to lap up the candy cane bits.  I maybe did that…

One of the best things about this project is that is was so easy and used so few dishes.

However, speaking of cheap thrills: my husband broke our sink faucet last week, and while at first I was really annoyed at what I thought would require yet another long adventure to find and install a replacement, the other day I told him it is the best thing he could have done!  Our old sink faucet was notoriously unreliable, shooting water at innocent bystanders, and twisting back and forth from sink to sink.

I am now the proud owner!

Our new faucet (and now I really am being dramatic, but I mean it!) makes washing dishes a dream.  So not only did I get to wash dishes with my new dream faucet last night, but it smelled like white chocolate and peppermint the whole time!  Nothing like a little Christmas merry-making in China to get one in the holiday spirit!



2 thoughts on “Peppermint Bark: so easy!

  1. I was recently attacked and viciously hosed by my separating kitchen sink faucet. Still, I am happy I took the brunt of it to my face and chest and behind me on the floor vs. it swinging the other way and spraying all over the Christmas cards I was writing! How is that for finding a silver (albeit) wet lining! xxoo

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