Daily Archives: November 26, 2011

Snippets and Thanksgiving

I’m whirling after a few wonderful weeks with friends and family in Canada and the States, so nothing coherent, but rather snippets and gratitude are on my mind.  Apologies for the quality of the photos I’m about to post for you, but I hope you enjoy the sentiments.  What a blessing to be with so many loved ones over Thanksgiving, and I know I won’t fully be able to appreciate that until I find myself back in China.

On Marriage

This is the tapestry I brought from China to celebrate my dear friends’ Jessie and Jason’s engagement.  My husband and I bought it on our three-year anniversary trip to Yangshuo, China, it’s already hanging in their living room, and it reminds me of what a joy and a blessing and a challenge marriage is.

On Community

When I spent a Sunday morning at Peru Community Church with my friend Jessie, and experienced their service of healing, I was but a visitor in the congregation, but their love for one another and their commitment to God’s healing work in their midst was powerful.  I think it’s amazing that worship is so clearly a corporate act, so necessarily a communal moment that moves us in ways we can’t imagine.

On Family Traditions

It reigns true that there’s no one you’ll laugh until you cry with the way you do with your family, and probably no one will understand or appreciate, for that matter, your crazy traditions.  This is the plate, a recreation of the first one my Grandpa penned on Cape Cod one summer, with the rules to Real Turn, our favorite big family card game.

On Food

Food is another one of those traditions, and everyone has their favorites.  This isn’t the full meal, but the petite Saturday lunch version I put together for myself after everyone else was on their way to the airport.  The surprising favorites for me this season?  Peas with pearl onions and pureed squash.  Can’t get pearl onions in China!

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