Daily Archives: November 21, 2011

Canada/US Recap

I’m currently seated at my dear friend Jessie’s house in Peru, NY, with a nice mug of coffee, and looking out at Lake Champlain!

Jessie and Jason's million-dollar view.

I certainly can’t complain about waking up to this view every morning!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

This trip has also taken me to Montreal, Canada, where I presented a paper at the American Anthropological Association conference and caught up with dear friends and colleagues from the Princeton Anthropology Department.  Oddly enough, the convention center and the hotel I stayed at for the conference were both located in Chinatown…imagine that!

A photo of me "in my element" in Chinatown, Montreal, Canada.

I’ll do a separate post about all the conference events, but it was so thrilling overall to have time with good friends, be inspired by others’ ideas, have incredibly dorky talks over dinner about anthropology, and enjoy Montreal.

Occupy Montreal!
A colleague and friend and I in Montreal.

On Friday night, Jessie drove up to Montreal and listened to my paper, hit the 40th Anniversary of the Princeton Anthro Department party with me, and then we drove back to Peru, NY, where she and her fiance, Jason live.  The weekend has been absolutely perfect, including a fabulous pre-Thanksgiving party with her friends, a lovely dinner at a local Himalayan Restaurant (no, we can’t get this kind of food where we live in China!), a wonderful church service, a hike up to Pocamoonshine peak, and fabulous bleu cheese burgers made by her fiance.

The view from Pocamoonshine Peak (1800 ft), NY.
Disheveled, but happy at the top!
A birdseye view of Lake Camplain from Pocamoonshine peak.
Jason's bleu cheese sliders, which we topped with avocado and bacon.

Tomorrow I head back to Boston, where I’ll meet up with my family, and then head to my Auntie’s house in none other than Plymouth, MA for a real, American Thanksgiving meal.  I’m feeling like a pretty lucky girl to be seeing all these people I love before returning to my life in China.