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A Weekend in Guilin (Part 2)

I’m behind with the recap from Saturday and Sunday of our wonderful weekend in Guilin, so here goes…

The gang out in front of Rosemary's for brunch.

On Saturday morning, we slept in a bit and hit up Rosemary’s Cafe for some Western-style breakfast.  It was a bit pricey, but everything, from the oatmeal to the sandwiches, was quite good.  We then took the local bus out to the Reed Flute Cave, which probably took about thirty minutes.  We used the package tickets we had purchased the day before at the Elephant Trunk Hill to get in.

Reed Flute Cave.

You can see the Disney-land like lights in the photo above, and get an idea of the experience.  We had fun clowning around, and it was a bit larger than we had expected, but nothing really spectacular.  We walked a bit around the area outside the cave, where you could probably do some light hiking to some even better views.

View from the Reed Cave of Guilin karsts.

But we had more places to go!  Because the Lonely Planet recommended Seven Stars Park, after scarfing some Guilin Rice Noodles for lunch, we decided to head out on foot from our hotel.

After one underwhelming cave experience, we decided not to go in either of the caves in the park, but checked out the pitiful waterfall and a couple of the other “attractions,” before stumbling on the path up to the moon pagoda, which proved to be a lovely, quiet, deserted scenic overlook, with a great view of Guilin.

Climbing our way up the steps.
Our little castle in the sky--the moon pagoda in Seven Stars Park, Guilin--where we played cards waiting for the sun to set.
The view of Guilin as the sun began to set.

We grabbed some dinner, and spent the evening at an outdoor bar and having some drinks back at our hotel.  The next morning, we got a Western breakfast, which was a pretty great deal the hotel, before hitting the last site on our group ticket package– Diecai, or Folded Brocade Hill.

I mentioned in a previous post that this is where The Lonely Planet really failed us, as in, we waited until the final morning to hit Diecai Hill, when it turned out to be the most beautiful views, and we spent more time than we needed to the day before at Seven Stars Park, because they ranked it as their top site.  Oh well, live and learn.  Check out my previous post for some of the great views from the top.

Ladies exercising by the banks of the Li River.

Don’t worry, Guilin, I’m sure we’ll be back soon!

All photos courtesy of Evan Schneider.