China-Southeast Asian Expo Spoils

Last Tuesday afternoon, my husband and I spent a wonderful afternoon roaming the Southeast Asian country pavilions at the Eighth Annual China-Southeast Asian Expo held in our hometown.

While we’d heard from other friends that the expo had been disappointing in the past, we were practically drooling over all the foreign products that our neighbors offer and that we usually can’t get in China.  Tuesday afternoon was also the perfect time to go, because there were no crowds, and we sailed in, after getting our foreign expert passes printed!

Me in front of the Expo Center on a rather hazy day.

We made it to every pavilion, except for Indonesia, which they weren’t letting anyone into at 4:30 pm because they were closing down.  Our favorites (pictured below) included Vietnam, where we scored some high end weasel coffee, the Philippines, where I snagged the last jar of coconut oil (and we picked up some coconut sugar, have already used it in a frosting, and will be sprinkling it on morning oatmeal), green curry powder from Malaysia, and peppercorns from Myanmar.

Now,why can't the expo happen more than once a year??

My husband just made his first attempt at a green curry tonight from Malaysia, I baked with the Filipino coconut oil last week, and I’m sure I’ll be hitting up the Vietnamese weasel espresso some afternoon this week.  Ah, the joys of Southeast Asia…in my own cupboard!


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