Some Friday Goodness

Today I am counting my blessings, both large and small.

It’s one of those weeks, where the busy-ness of life, felt not overwhelming, but meaningful, and where I’ve got this sense that I’ve finally figured out how to embrace the harmony of the present rather than harp on the uncertainty that is characteristic of ministry, research, and life in China.

We’ll see how long that lasts…

But for the moment, let me share with you some of the goodness from this week:

Some of those seasonal fruits and veggies...
  • Rereading the draft of my paper for the AAA Annual Meeting and discovering that it’s not as bad as I remembered it being! (Amazing how our minds run away with self-doubts, turning them into something bigger than they really are…)
  • My husband’s homemade vindaloo curry, leftovers also enjoyed for lunch later in the week.
  • Spending an afternoon at the China-Southeast Asian Trade Expo with my husband, where we got to salivate over all sorts of foreign food, see handicrafts from Malaysia and Myanmar, and come home with a real bounty of fun, new products (more on those later!)
  • Lovely, crisp fall weather that rolled in on Tuesday morning (and no, my Chinese friends, I’m not cold, I’m loving it!), and the seasonal fruits and veggies that come with it: the tastiest little tangerines on the planet, spinach, and hopefully soon, strawberries!
  • A productive meeting with research partners, and hope for upcoming opportunities.
  • Crockpot Pumpkin cake number two devoured with my husband, a friend, and some Australian tea, as well as an evening of easy conversation.
  • An email granting IRB approval for my project!
  • BLEAT (Bacon-Lettuce-Egg-Avocado-Tomato) sandwiches coming up for lunch (we rarely get avocado here in China, so we’re going to make the most of it!)…

2 thoughts on “Some Friday Goodness

  1. At first I said, ‘Jason, they found Kale!’ but then I realised it wasn’t your photo…I’ve only found Kale once in China. It was the first Thanksgiving and a lady at our market had it. I’ve never seen it again!

    1. Yep, no kale. But we did find huge, gorgeous limes at Macun the other day, and promptly brought a ridiculous amount and froze them! The Hualian over by us even had avocados. Luxurious, huh?!

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