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Welcoming November

I keep thinking, I can’t believe it’s almost November.  And I’m kind of freaking out, because October just flew by, what with the national holiday, during which it poured for almost 10 days, our visitors from the states, my 30th birthday, and a few significant milestones for my research.

I have to remind myself that I’m making progress on the research front or I’m wont to lose track of not only the noteworthy accomplishments, but also the things to look forward to on the horizon.  I also have to remind myself that fieldwork comes in an uncanny rhythm of feast (strings of 18-hour days) or famine, and that a little rest and rejuvenation in between is blessing, rather than cause for self-loathing anxiety…duh.

So, instead of dwelling on time I may have lost or progress I haven’t made, here’s some things coming up for November that are worth falling for (oh, what a terrible pun):

  • Fall weather here in Southwest China (as of this morning, and which, I think, is finally here to stay).  I’ve been longing to cuddle up in some sweaters, and retire my tired summer wardrobe for the season, although I am no way ungrateful for the great weather we had in Guilin the other weekend!
  • Delivering my first conference paper at the AAA Annual Meeting in Montreal.  (Anyone spent time in Montreal have any suggestions for fun things to do or places to eat while I’m there??)
  • Following the meeting up with a visit to my best friend, Jessie, who lives just an hour south in Plattsburg, NY.
  • And following that up with a visit to the East Coast to spend Thanksgiving with my nuclear family, my Auntie, and my Grandpa!
  • While I’m missing my husband stateside, I’m excited that he’ll be traveling back to Yunnan to do another trip with PFF and visit some minority churches, which is another great opportunity for him.

I love Thanksgiving, as does my husband, and this is the second one in a row that we won’t be spending together.  And yet, I’m exceedingly grateful as I look forward to all the opportunities God is placing in both of our lives.  As I mentioned, it’s important for me to receive God’s grace and the blessings in front of me, one step at a time, finding peace in God’s provision for this moment and the next.

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