Daily Archives: October 19, 2011

Guilin Sneak Peek

I’ve been off the internet almost a week, mostly for good reasons to do with hosting friends, a birthday, an impromptu trip out of town, and some hard work in between.  For all of you who were curious, the recipe for success was a success! I hand-wrote a draft of my paper in under an hour and typed it up later in the day. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and set yourself up to believe it’s gonna happen!

I’ll post a bit more about our weekend trip to Guilin later in the week, but for a quick synopsis, let me first say, do not believe anything the Lonely Planet Guide has to say on this city.

Perhaps it was the fabulous weather we enjoyed each day, or the relaxing train ride in a soft sleeper to and fro, which showcased the amazing Guangxi landscape, but Guilin was a true hit, and the city seemed to us unspoiled by tourism and the landscapes still mind-blowing despite the modern buildings in the skyline!

Unfortunately our friends had tired themselves out by our last morning in the city, and only Evan and I had a chance to sprint up to the top of Diecai Hill (or Folded Brocade Hill as it’s called in English), which boasts a 360-degree view of the city’s craggy karst mountains, numerous rivers and lakes, and stunning pagodas. Here’s some shots from that short, but sweet sprint, which would be my vote for the top tourist spot in Guilin!

The city of Guilin nestled amidst the karst mountains.
Me at the Diecai Summit.
Gorgeous waters as visible from the peak.
My husband's glamour shot.
A decidedly beautiful Chinese landscape!