Daily Archives: October 7, 2011

It’s still raining & I’m still baking (in a crockpot, that is)

…although now I’m really almost out of baking powder!

Mid-mix, that's the vanilla on the left, also exhausted by this recent bake-a-thon.

The rain really got me down yesterday, but the day before, I just had to be productive (in the kitchen, that is), and I culled together the leftover zucchini and carrots to make my third crockpot creation: carrot zucchini bread.

All this recipe required was a half cup each of grated carrots and zucchini, so it works well with leftover veggies.
Ever wonder what a crockpot cake looks like when it goes in...
...and when it comes out? (I use baking paper, which generally keeps the crockpot nice and clean, and it's easy to just lift the cake out when it's done.)

…although it came out a cross between a cake and a bread.  And as my husband and I ate it, we kept wondering whether it should’ve been frosted (cream cheese, oh I wish I could find you in China!).

Strangely, it also came out with an apple-y flavor, a bit unlike any zucchini or carrot cake I’ve ever had for that matter, but then again, it was both!  The interesting taste might have also come from the lime zest I substituted for orange zest, and I didn’t include the raisins (even though I had two kinds of those in my pantry), because they just weren’t calling to me.

What’s your favorite combined cake recipe, and is it really the best of both worlds?