Daily Archives: October 5, 2011

Rainy Day Docket

We have yet another rainy day in Nanning, due to a tropical storm, and thankfully for us the repercussions have been nothing but a migraine (for me) and a head cold (for my husband).  Yesterday when the rain broke, we got out for a few hours to get massages (foot massage for me) and traditional cupping medicine (for Evan), and walked in the People’s Park, experiencing the bustle of the holiday crowd, and taking some photos of the foliage until the rain returned.  (My husband, being under the weather, has yet to get me his fabulous photos taken with his new camera, so you’ll have to suffer through some stock photos below, and a few taken by me with the inferior Sony point-and-shoot below.)

Chinese fire cupping, soon to come photos of my husband's back after the fact!
Crowd in Nanning People's Park

This morning, the rain is back, and I’m trying to take advantage, hunkering down indoors, and making use of the cabin fever to get a head start on my paper for the American Anthropological Association conference in Montreal in November.  But before any real work went down, the schedule included:

This morning's pumpkin oatmeal, a homey success!
  • Chinese Bible verse memorization and Chinese language study
My latest devotional/language study technique rolled into one.
And after work, if I’m feeling up to it:
  • turning husband’s chicken mole from the other night’s dinner into chicken mole soup?
  • some light yoga
  • make this carrot zucchini bread with leftover veggies
And if I finish said work, rewards will include:
  • Dear Genevieve reruns
  • making a photobook present online for a friend
  • another round of euchre with my husband
  • maybe turn on the heat if I’m still cold!
  • catching up on my correspondence and blog surfing
  • cuddling up with my blanket and hot chocolate
My blanket, one of the few China buys that will go with me when I leave!

 What are your favorite rainy day activities?