this is LOVE.

I often brag on facebook that I am a lucky girl to have married a husband who loves to cook, and to tell you the truth, it never gets old.  A couple weeks ago I directed a marriage retreat for some local couples, and among other things, we touched upon our feelings and needs, and the ways in which we show and receive love (if you aren’t familiar with the concepts of nonviolent communication or the five love languages, I highly recommend them both for relationship-building!).

I can’t believe I even hesitated when asked how my husband shows me love: of course, there are many ways- acts of service, and quality time, to name a few, but they all sort of seem to colaesce around one big one, which is, FOOD!  As I mentioned the weather is starting to change, even here in balmy Nanning, so one evening my husband whipped up a big bowl of cream of mushroom soup, from scratch.

Cream of mushroom soup with cilantro garnish.

Although he complained that the soup didn’t thicken the way he wanted to (inferior Chinese “cream” was the culprit), a table set with glasses of white wine, good olive oil, bread, steaming bowls of soup, and a candle for romance, felt like LOVE to me.  Thanks, babe.

Frontera sauvignon blanc, good bread & olive oil, and of course, a bowl of soup--what more does one need?
Said husband, enjoying his creation. Isn't soup-slurping supposed to be a compliment to the cook??

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