My Favorite Things

Sometimes I’m not much of a girl.

As a little girl I had no interest in Barbies, and playing dress-up my sisters and I usually donned mismatched hats, vests, and slippers, which amounted to trucker-like ensembles (minus the elmo slippers, of course).  Today, I prefer sports, intellectual conversation, and theological inquiry (I know, what a dork…sigh) to shopping and cooking, but living in China has at times brought out my inner-girl.

Manicures and pedicures are dirt cheap here, female clothing unadorned of bling and lace is virtually impossible to find, and with little sweet options, I’ve even taken to a little experimental baking.  I also recently joined Pinterest (much to the horror of my husband- he doesn’t get why anyone would want to virtually collect lovely things and stare at them, but I love the idea of a virtual mood board).

Now, I’m well aware that I’m working with gendered stereotypes here- there’s nothing about baking or bling that’s really girly (in fact, one of the things I love best about my husband is that he is our enthusiastic full-time chef and gardener), but the point of this post is to say that in China, I do enjoy a few female-friendly comforts of home, and so here are some of my latest favorite things:

These are a few of my favorite things (description below clock-wise)…
  • Sparkly green slouch sack, which I picked up last year in Guilin, to store jewelry when I travel.
  • Grapefruit Body Butter from The Body Shop, which I recently picked up in Hong Kong, switching scents from Orangey Satsuma to this perky note.
  • Anthropologie‘s Adele Perfume, a thoughtful anniversary gift from my husband on our last one in the states.  (And no I’m not just a fan of the store because of the name, although I do think it’s a great name!!)
  • Tan tolietry sack, definitely a knockoff, picked up in Xi’an during this summer’s travels, and a perfect solution to my favorite carryall that has no inside pockets, and in which, until recently, I could never find anything!
  • Cover Girl CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer— I swear by this stuff, and recently had my male friend bring me more from the states (I think he was kind of mystified that there’s something that straddles the divide between lotion and makeup).
  • Olive/coconut/avocado/castor oil homemade soap from my recent trip to Yunnan.  You can read more about the soap making experience here.
  • Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil.  I’ve got many variations of these (some with honey and no lip tint- this one has a slight red to it, or the lip shimmer in lovely shades, fig, merlot, etc.) stashed in bags and around the house.  I love the slight tint of this chapstick and its refreshing tingle.
  • My favorite chandelier earrings, also from Anthropologie.  They go with anything and everything.
  • A bracelet I recently bought in Shuhe, Lijiang.  I’m obsessed with circle decals, and I love this one.
  • An issue of National Geographic Traveler–my mom sent this along recently in a package, and we’ve got issues strewn about our living room detailing trips to Italy and the Amazon.
  • Scarf recently purchased in Lijiang, due to packing a lack of winter clothing.  But I can always use another scarf!

Scroll up to the top of the page and click on my Current Loves page to see more.

What are some of your favorite things?


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