Little Bloggers that could

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It’s funny, because up until a few months ago, although I was a rather avid-blogger, I didn’t actually read many blogs myself.  It reminds me of how I used to write a ton of poetry in my youth, but could never actually bring myself to read any.  I’m wondering if all those creative juices got refunneled into this online art form, and now you, wonderful friends, are humoring me by reading along {MANY THANKS, by the way}.

However, it’s time to pay it forward.  I’ve not only started browsing a unique set of blogs every week, but I’ve been warmly received by a few of them, as well.  I’d been enjoying reading about Jen at homemadeadventure‘s healthy forays, despite her busy medschool study schedule, and apparently the feeling’s mutual.  She recently highlighted my little blog, among a few others with under 200 followers, and challenged us awardees to do the same.

So, besides Jen’s great blog, here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order:

Channeling Contessa
Clara’s Blog, inspired by her love of Barefoot Contessa and her recipes, includes her own culinary creations, as well as style and travel points.

The Thoughtful Christian
I was first turned onto this blog through a fellow Davidsonian, Erin Lane, who is one of their guest bloggers, and I find their content really good- it’s a large range of reflections on contemporary Christian life, regarding media, literature, scripture, and lifestyle, mostly from a Reformed perspective.

One Hundred Ninety
My former high school gymnastics teammate, Jaclyn, and her husband Chris Webb keep this stylish and informative blog about their vegan lifestyle, complete with glossy photos and fun recipes.

My (until recently, sniff, sniff) fellow China ex-pat, Australian native, Rachel, documents her intercontinental life, with reflections on faith, baby rearing, and cultural conundrums. Plus, her photos are brilliant!


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