Daily Archives: September 14, 2011

Enchanting Lijiang

A view of the Snow Jade Mountain from the national park in Lijiang.

You know the feeling when you go to a place for the first time, and everything from the air you’re breathing feels magical and ethereal, and you’re almost afraid to go back for fear another trip will spoil it?  Well, that’s how I feel about Lijiang, and returning to it next week.

A glacial lake amongst snow-cappped peaks in Lijiang.

While I have other friends who have not been so mesmerized by Lijiang, perhaps because it was my first experience being in China in the winter, I recall crisp, clear mornings with views of the Snow Jade Mountain, the intimacy of warming my feet by the coals under the table while eating steaming bowls of life-changing wild mushroom hotpot, the bumpy ride up by a glacial lake towards Tiger Leaping Gorge, and the warmth of the electric blanket in the quiet darkness.    

Those sights, smells, and literal chills have stuck in my bones since last November, and while of course, I can’t wait to return, I know it will, sadly, not be the same.

Ethereal view of a temple in the clouds outside of Lijiang.

What place sticks with you, eternally frozen in your memory, and why?