Summer Recap

A fellow blogger I read recently did a recap on her month of August, which inspired me (before we get too deep into September!) to reflect on some of the highlights of our travel-weary, but adventure and blessing-filled June, July, and August.  I’ll be setting fall goals soon, as I do every year, and I think it’s incredibly important and enriching to look back on where we’ve been, to soak up the wisdom and the blessing we may have bypassed in our hurried lives, and carry these lessons with us into the future. So here are the highlights, in chronological order:


  • Traveling with great friends to Vietnam and Laos (two new countries for me!): experiencing the bustle of Hanoi’s streets, sipping Vietnamese coffee, the beauty of Halong Bay, the mysterious lull of Luang Prabang’s scenic streets and temples, hiking and playing in waterfalls, riding elephants, and spending hours drinking wine, playing euchre, and just talking with people we have dearly missed in our very own apartment here in China.  Surreal!
Our crew hanging out on the deck of the boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
  • Visiting local foster families in Nanning, and experiencing the boundless love these parents give to children who will likely be passed onto another family in a matter of months or years.


  • Fellowshipping with Chinese brothers and sisters; the challenge of translating worship services, realizing how much further I have to go in my language skills, and yet, how far I’ve come; being reminded of the importance of a ministry of presence, the need to pray for the Church in China, and yet being excited about what God is doing and what God has in store!
My husband and I on top of the city wall in Nanjing, China.
  • Introducing Evan’s parents to China; eating Peruvian food in Shanghai; exploring historic Xi’an; eating roast duck in Beijing.
A foggy morning on the Great Wall with my husband, and mother-in-law and father-in-law.
  • Making scholarly connections at universities in Hong Kong, reading in Chinese; exploring the city; sending Evan off on another trip to Yunnan with PFF; finding inspiration for another year of research; getting into shape, running, reading, and eating well.
Our view from atop Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.

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