Daily Archives: August 7, 2011

The True Test of Introversion

I have commented to a few close friends that as I grow older I think I am becoming more and more of an introvert. ┬áIn the past I’ve tested as an ENTJ- for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Myer-Briggs, that’s an extroverted-intuitive-thinker-judger. Extroverts are those who get energy from being with others, while introverts like to retreat into quiet, or with a few close friends, to refuel. In some ways the whole business of making new friends in a foreign place has been difficult with the transience of the community here and feeling as though I’ve put so much energy into so many great relationships back home, but I’m also realizing that because my work, both ministry and anthropological fieldwork, involve interacting with people, I really relish that quiet time to be by myself and regroup. But the true test of my newfound introversion will come in the next few weeks with Evan away in Yunnan. I’ll be by myself for a few weeks doing some library research in Hong Kong. And while I’m looking forward to the time to plan my research, tie up some loose ends, as well as enjoy some guilty pleasure movies and time at the gym, I’m also wondering when I’ll get lonely for company. Ah, the true test of introversion…