Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

On the road again: Shanghai

With the English Exchange Camp in Nanjing through (more to come later), Evan and I are on the road again, this time with my mother and father-in-law, who are on their first international trip -ever- and to China!  They arrived in one piece into Shanghai a few days ago, and before they arrived Evan and I had the chance to check out some amazing Peruvian cuisine at Azul in the French Concession (I highly recommend the tapas and drinks). When we were walking down the street, right before we hit the United States Embassy we passed by a mouth-watering display of pizzas, salads, and sweets at glo London, a bakery and coffee shop, so not like anything in what Evan and I refer to as the “real China.”

While in Shanghai, we visited the Bund and gazed at the skyscrapers. We also checked out the highly reviewed Urban Planning Museum, right off the People’s Square Subway stop. It’s not exactly the riveting experience others have made it out to be, but it does have models galore of the ultra modern Shanghai, a really lovely photo exhibit of new construction and old highlights, and a dizzying flyby 360 view film of the city.  (Photos to follow as my internet connection is dastardly slow here!)

We traveled back to Nanning, and we’re currently in Xi’an, where we’ve made it to see the terracotta warriors.  Tonight we’ll do some shopping, and tomorrow take in some local museums, good Muslim food, and of course, do some shopping.  Then it’s onto Beijing!