Things I’m Looking Forward to About Summer

Summer is almost upon us, and here in Nanning that translates to even hotter, even more humid weather.  Being a student at almost age 30 is mostly weird and a little embarrassing, but it means I get to enjoy a certain amount of child-like freedom in the summer, and my heart still leaps a little when June hits.  Here’s my rundown of what I’m looking forward to this summer, punctuated by a trip to East Asia, a slew of visitors, and a jaunt in Hong Kong:

  1. “Southeast Asia or Bust!”  Some good friends, my husband, and I planned to rendezvous in South Africa last summer for the World Cup.  When that didn’t come to fruition, we adopted the following slogan, and this summer, from our respective homes in Egypt, the U.S., and China, we’ll unite for a couple weeks to travel Vietnam and Laos.  Our itinerary is still very much fluid, so if you have some suggestions, please feel free to comment.
  2. We’re going to have visitors!  Of course, trips around China, means visitors to look forward to, and besides our good friends, we’ll have Evan’s parents out in mid-July, and plan to take them to Shanghai, Xi’An, and Beijing.
  3. Third Annual Nanjing Summer English Exchange:  Last summer Evan and I participated in the second annual Summer English Exchange put on by the Jiangsu Christian Council and The Outreach Foundation in Nanjing.  We’re looking forward to heading back at the beginning of July to see our good pastor friends that we met last summer, reconnect, and of course, practice our Chinese, while they practice their English.  The exchange takes place over ten days and includes about twenty American and twenty Chinese participants.
  4. Hong Kong:  I’ll be doing a couple weeks of archival research in Hong Kong in August, which will be a nice break from life on the mainland.  Not only does Hong Kong have some really impressive libraries, but it has been one of our favorite places to visit, for its food and modern conveniences!

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