Daily Archives: May 6, 2011

Flashback: The Woman at the Well

I was googling to find something this afternoon and stumbled upon a recording of a sermon I had given at my home church, Crossroads Presbyterian Church in 2007! ┬áIt’s called “Living Water, Healing Relationships,” and while it’s strange to listen to myself preaching, I found it really cool to return to that transformative experience of hospital chaplaincy that I preached about, and realize that the woman at the well’s story of transformation is timeless as well. A week ago in a devotional with some friends, I was reflecting on Christ’s ability to truly understand our suffering because in his own humanity he suffered for us, and therefore, he suffers with us today. It is truly refreshing to serve a living God, to worship God in spite of and in awareness of our brokenness, and to know that there is hope in Christ.