Awkward pose and other wisdom

About a week ago now, a fellow yoga-lover and spiritual friend and I began touting the wisdom of awkward pose.  I’m not sure our partners were convinced that true wisdom or enlightenment might rest in holding such an excruciating, intentionally uncomfortable position, but I felt as if we had spiraled onto some sort of epiphany.

It’s not that yoga’s benefits extend far beyond the physical realm and into that of the spiritual, because that’s long been common wisdom, but the spiritual discipline of resting in the middle of uncertainty and abiding in God and relinquishing control, well that’s both easier said than done, and visually and viscerally summed up in awkward pose.

Awkward pose’s benefits are numerous, ranging from aligning the skeletal system to alleviating cramps during menstruation (yes, women, you heard that correctly!), but the how-to list is also numerous: takes nine whole steps to teach our bodies how to bend this way!

Awkward pose doesn’t come easily or naturally, but that’s actually part of its wisdom: it’s not easy to abide or wait during the hard times, and yet spiritual growth is possible because of such discipline. This wisdom has been so profound to me lately, because I’m in one of those perpetual awkward poses, trying to trust God’s leadership for my life, trying to rest in the now despite an uncertain future, and trying to ease my worrying by living into God’s constant presence and faithfulness.

What metaphors teach you about spiritual discipline? How have you learned to cope during the “awkward, uncertain times?”


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