Gratitude as a way of life

“Loving God means not what I can get, but what I can give of love and devotion.”–J. David Muyskens

There are moments in life where we become so incredibly frustrated with God that we want to give up on the spiritual journey- it is after all, I have found, to be the most difficult version of life out there.

But then, there are moments when God’s faithfulness surrounds us, overflowing into our midst with such a richness, such a timeliness, that all of the arduous struggle to know God and be like God is worth it.

I’ve been having those moments lately. I’ve been experiencing gratitude that is bigger than me, beyond me, harmony and peace, and a conviction that I have no other purpose on this earth but to worship God with all that is in me. And it is good. It is right.

And it is grace that lets me into this sacred place where I can let God be God and I can be me, imperfect, broken me. And yet God looks upon me and marvels. And I am humbled. I am filled with praise. And I remember that gratitude is not but a fleeting moment, but a way of life. O God, that you would help me live that way, so that I might glorify you, and feel this peace forever. Amen.


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