Justice to the Nations (Yunnan Reflections #4)

Saying goodbye to friends in a village in Yunnan

While in the States, Evan and I had a couple opportunities to speak about the work we’ve done with The Outreach Foundation and Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship in China. When we preached on a Sunday at my parent’s church, Mountain Shadows Presbyterian in Tucson, Arizona, we used scripture from Isaiah 42 and Acts 10, reflecting on servanthood and the diversity of the body of Christ. One verse from Isaiah that we really concentrated on had to do with God’s call for God’s servant to bring justice to the nations and the way in which that scripture has been interpreted and misinterpreted by missionaries around the world and through the ages.

In our reflection on what it means to be a servant, and who is God’s servant, I suggested that the servants God is calling to bring justice to the nations today in the Yunnan context just may be the minority peoples we met as we traveled last November through the mountain villages. We called upon the congregation in America to rejoice with us that God has traversed mountains and filled the hearts of the minority peoples with such a passion for bringing God’s love and mercy to those in their midst.

In April, Evan and I will have a chance to travel to Yunnan together with PFF and visit minority churches. During lent, please add these churches to your prayers, and rejoice with us that God is calling servants in Yunnan to bring justice to the nations.


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