Journey to the Philippines

Evan and I recently took a vacation to the Philippines before heading back to the West coast to visit family. Here were some of the highlights:

Cebu: We flew into Cebu City, a large city on the island of Cebu. The city was actually kind of depressing, though after a few days we figured out that the Lahug district was kind of the upscale, happening area.  On our way back through after visiting some of the islands, we booked a few days at a nice hotel downtown near the Ayala Center and had some excellent meals including Greek at Cyma, and at Australian-owned Canvas. When I say some excellent meals, I should also specify that at Cyma, I had the best pasta (a puttenesca) I’ve ever had in my life! (After this trip I am realizing that traveling is very much about the food not only for my husband, but for me, too.)

The view from Alona Beach.

Bohol & Panglao: We spent most of our time on the small island of Panglao, and on Alona Beach, a white sand beach, with tons of boats and loads of restaurants.  We enjoyed just hanging out on the beach which was a short walk from our hotel, and we did three days of snorkeling, one of which took us to another island.  The other two days, we just snorkeled right off of Alona Beach and saw a ton of fish.  The restaurant I enjoyed most on the island was a French place called L’elephant Bleu, although it was strange that their bread was terrible, given that they’re French.  The vibe, the fish, soups, etc. were good though.  We took a day trip to Bohol to see the chocolate hills, but it was pretty cloudy, so it”s not worth posting those photos.  The river cruise we did in Luboc was cool, though.  Overall, it was a really relaxing vacation.

On a day trip, and a boat ride up the river to a waterfall.

Next time, we’re looking forward to hitting Singapore and/or heading back to Hong Kong.  This summer, southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand).  And for now, we’re in Denver!



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