Full Circle

Photo of a peace labyrinth

It’s probably misleading to call this blog post “Full Circle,” especially given that it took me probably closer to 80 days to wade my way through J. David Muyskens’ Forty Days to a Closer Walk with God. But while the journey of faith, nor my work in this devotional is not over (I’m already rereading it!), finishing the book, and heading out for some much needed rest prompted me to reflect on the lessons of these forty, er eighty, days attempting to practice centering prayer, and they’ve been meaningful to me. They are as follow, and I encourage you to post your own insights to what spiritual discipline means to you:

1. I am learning to see people around me, my husband, my family, my friends, and strangers as spiritual beings, confidants and companions, not competitors in life. We’re not here to compete with one another but to support one another in our struggles and rejoice together.
2. Distraction and anxiety, just like discipline, are spiritual choices we make. I want to abide in the promise of who God is and who God will make me, rather than dwell upon my own strengths and weaknesses, which are ultimately distractions.
3. God’s vision and security may be luxuries to grasp in this world, but God’s goodness, promises, and grace are givens.


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