Well, as usual plans changed. We couldn’t access our blog from China, so for those of you who were able to find us on facebook, you got to experience our mountains and valleys through photos and updates, and for those of you here, I will be trying to fill you in over the next month or so.
For now, I just have a few thoughts. We returned from China about a week and a half ago, and now I realize that I neglected to post on this blog all the fears and worries I had before we left. Tonight, I sat down to think about our trip, and those anxieties, and I was simply astonished at God’s provision for us. I am chiding myself for having such little faith that God’s provision leaves me in astonishment, but then, I suppose, awe in the face of God is not such a bad place to be. I planned this trip the best I could, but there is no accounting for the relationships we formed, the love we experienced, the diversity of culture and country we caught a glimpse of…there were rough moments where not only my commitment to my academic project, but even my faith, was tested. However, there have been several time spans in my life where I look back and I see God’s careful hand guiding me through, and this trip to China, praise God, was certainly one of them.


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