World Travelers

It was official–yesterday after a mad dash to see some dear friends get married in Washington DC, we were just one week away from our trip to China! And on Monday, Memorial Day, we celebrated our one year anniversary together, and are especially blessed when we consider this time last year we were making our way halfway across the world, to our honeymoon destination, Spain. Evan and I are overwhelmed when we consider these blessings despite the difficulties of this year.

And now, we have a list almost a mile long of to-dos before the trip, for which we feel our previous work with YouthWorks has amply prepared us! For those of you who want to follow our trip in time or on a map; we start at the bottom of your China map in the south in Nanning, from June 2-June 18; from June 18-June 30 we’re in the southeastern city of Guangzhou, and from June 30-July 21 we will be in Beijing and a city an hour outside of Beijing called Langfang. Our trip is a mix of learning and visiting orphanages, getting to know people and culture, observing the East-West adoption culture of Guangzhou, and of course, practicing our Chinese. We hope to take lots of photos, and I’ll post when I can. Thank you to all of you who continue to support us, for now: Zai jian and Jingzhu!

map of China


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