Daily Archives: March 11, 2009

Spiritual Direction

meditation from another blog...
I had an opportunity to hang out with two strong, beautiful women who are very good friends this evening, and the conversation ranged from politics, to boys, to stem cell research!, and onto spiritual direction. Turns out one of my friends and I have been incredibly blessed by our experiences with spiritual directors (as has my husband), and I wanted to share. I started meeting with a spiritual director in my final year of seminary, when I was thinking through my future goals and direction, because my future husband had had such a profound experience of learning about himself and his relationship with God through talking through his experiences with a spiritual director in seminary as well. The meetings usually consist of a person reflecting on his or her life with a trained spiritual director listening as a guide for where God may be speaking or moving or leading he or she in his or her life.

I met again for the first time since last year around this time with my spiritual director, and the experience was one of great clarity and discernment. We so infrequently stop to think about the direction our lives are headed from God’s perspective, and I mentioned to my friends this evening that spiritual direction is an experience of having a trusted advisor see and advice you based on who you are as a sacred being. I find the experience revelatory, refreshing, and rejuvenating, yielding new perspectives on my life and on my life as a spiritual being.