Night Writing

I promise not to report on my health status at all times (after all, what could make for a more boring blog?), but suffice it to say, this weekend did not bring much more healthiness to our little family. With my husband and I both feeling sick last night, the last thing I wanted to do was go into the Writing Center to work an extra March shift.
This is my third year working at the Princeton University Writing Center, and I worked at the one at my college for three years as well, but last night reminded me that given the right student, it never really gets old.
I’m not one who feels gifted as a teacher, but tutoring writing can be wonderfully collaborative. That’s what I love about it- the ability to talk through ideas together, to think together, and even write together. When I’m lucky, I get the sense that I have truly been helpful to someone else, whether just by calming his or her nerves or allowing she or he to think differently about a topic, perhaps find some much-needed confidence and inspiration. Last night was one of those nights, and despite my coughing fits, it was greatly rejuvenating.
Just thought I’d share… Now, what is rejuvenating to you?

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