Daily Archives: March 6, 2009

From the Porch

A porch, not mine, but one that is quite serene, I think.

Okay, so our front porch looks nothing like this, but the point is, that we have one. And that is where I got to sit today for about thirty minutes in the almost 60 degree weather to do some reading for class, albeit on a Friday afternoon, followed by some devotions. And that got me to thinking, that one of the few perks of being sick this week, is this command from on high, to slow way down and appreciate the budding tulips my husband has planted, the beautiful weather, and the opportunity to get some studying done on a Friday afternoon even if it is at the mercy of being sick. It is also encouraging to see signs of spring, making me feel like I can’t be sick too much longer, and I suppose I can’t stay away from blogging much longer either. It’s good to be back.